Girue has it all

Smooth RGB lights, super-fast phone charger, speaker, alarm, all in one.

Smooth Design

Minimalistic curves creating even light distribution
and elegance all around.

Spectacular RGB

Bring in the Rainbow

Girue provides 256 types of color modes to choose from for any occasion. It can go from warm to cold and from dark to bright. The colors can be programmed to have a gradual dimming or brightening at a specific time of the day to create a healthy circadian rhythm.

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Global Shipping

Anywhere on the Planet

Money Guarantee

Refund within 30 days

Online Support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Secure Payment

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What People Are Saying

Finally what I need

"My wake-sleep cycle is finally fixed! I can't even believe a product like this can do that. Seems like night actually has a great impact on that. Smooth sunrise and set colors automate my sleeping rhythm. Thank you!!!"

Dean Smith - US

A true lifesaver!

"I have three children and life can get tough. I never thought finding this product will change it all. They wake up all at the same time now, and I can play music for them to wake up on quality speakers. This product is a miracle!"

Lia Touchin - Canada

Fast shipping, quality product

"I live in Florida the shipping was surprisingly quick. It was here in 5 days. This is the fastest yet! The package was nice and durable, and the product is what they promised."

Joe Barrow - US

This is just amazing

"I bought one for my Mom for a birthday. She liked it so much that I had one for my self. Since then I ordered 3 more for my family. Lol, please, someone stop me... :D"

Marta Waters - Australia

Love it so much

"I love the App. I use this lamp/charger all day. My phone is there every night. I wake up to a smooth sunrise and take my phone fully charged, then put on some music in the app. Amazing!"

Darius Presley - US

I can only advise!

"This looks so nice. Comes in handy every day. Basically, not a day passes without me using it. There are so many color options, sometimes I just play around with it."

Lia Williams - UK

What does Girue give you?


Powerful Charger

A "Super Fast" charger is ready for your smartphone all day. It can charge an iPhone 13 to full in 2 hours and it stops automatically after that to preserve battery health on your device.

Charge Up

Control Panel

Girue has a control panel that can set the alarm, the strength & color of the RGB lights, program the lighting, and control over the speakers. For an even better experience, we advise downloading our dedicated App to have wireless control over Girue.

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High-Quality Speakers

Speakers with new low dealy technology to create a fully immersive sound experience. They are used for the Alarm system, for Music playing, and for general sound effects. The alarm can be combined with Music.

Listen to the Sound

Download Our App

With the App you can have Ultimate control over all functiones of Girue.