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The more you use it the more you realize you need it. This is the consensus of our customers. Get ready to buy your new favorite tool.

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Technical aspects

Stable Base

Having four legs keeps Girue safe on a shelf or any kind of horizontal surface.
In addition, the material used to create it are super strong refind solid plastics and metals.
Covered with rubber for more flexibility in some places. 

The perfect light source

With a nice geometric design, it can spread light evenly.
15W power supports the light LED panels. The phone charger
gets the most power to maximalize the Super Fast charge capability.
The speakers get the energy from the charger base.

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The Ultimate tool

An essential item for a modern household. Combining useful features to create a product better than all others.

Girue is essentially a LED lamp with extra tools to make it outstanding

  1. LED lamp function: Girue has a 256-mode combination system of different lighting setups. It ranges from cold to warm and from dark to bright, with anywhere in between. Mixed colors or single ones are possible. You can program the light easy to make them slowly progress and degrees throughout the day.
  2. Super Fast Phone charger: Your Phone can be placed in the middle of the lamp, at the charging platform, and be charged wirelessly just by contact. The 15W output can charge an iPhone 13 to full in 2 hours. Then it turns off so the battery of the phone is preserved. Smart Wireless charging system., compatible with Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi phones.
  3. Speaker: A high-audio-quality speaker system is implanted at the bottom of the charging platform. This can be used for many tasks. It can play music at high volume and high quality to make it a premium household speaker. The music can be controlled with the App or with the buttons at the side of the charging platform. It can be used for the Alarm system or just general sound effects.
  4. Alarm system: The whole tool can be synchronized to act accordingly and automated to the time of the day. LED light and music as an alarm from the speakers gradually wake you up and put you to sleep each day if you want to. All working in unison.

Health benefits of Girue:

With the Smooth Wakeup and Sleep functions, it can regulate the circadian rhythm of the household. This creates d a healthy hormonal balance and a fresh dopamine system ready for life. In short, it makes you more motivated and energized in the long run. The research o this is settled. The circadian rhythm controls many life functions that are of crucial importance. Girue can improve that to the very best, with light programming.


To maximalize the perks of using Girue we advise downloading our App control all functions remotely from your smartphone.

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